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Stipend Information

Stipends 101

Each member of the Cougar Marching Band will receive monetary compensation in the form of a stipend at the conclusion of the season, provided that the member fulfills each of the following requirements:

  1. complete all necessary paperwork while at a stipend appointment;
  2. attend all required rehearsals, meetings, and/or performances as per the CMB Handbook;
  3. remain in good standing with the Cougar Marching Band as per the CMB handbook.

Stipend-eligible groups: Cougar Marching Band, Volleyball Band, Women’s Basketball Band, Men’s Basketball Band, and ZZU Drums.

Current Stipend Structure

groupbase stipendadd'l stipends
Marching Band$200 1st yr
$300 2nd yr
$400 3rd yr
$500 4th yr
$150 Fall ZZU Drums bonus
$250 Leadership bonus
Volleyball Band$350 auditioned (35 spots)
Women's Basketball Band$350 auditioned (35 spots)
Men's Basketball Band$350 auditioned (35 spots)
ZZU Drums (Basketball through Spring)$300** auditioned, all women's bball games
** hypothetical options are for illustrative purposes and are not official.

Stipend Appointment Paperwork

Signature (All Members):

In order to begin the stipend disbursement process, each stipend-eligible member must complete paperwork. The nature of this paperwork varies by student, so pay close attention to late-season end-of-rehearsal announcements for more info.

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