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Application for 2020-2021 Section Leader!

Returning section leaders must audition every year.
Even if you feel you have no shot this year but want to do it later, we highly encourage you to audition to get a feel for the process.

The audition consists of 4 parts:

  1. Apply before 9am March 30!
  2. Sign up for a group interview time on the CMB board (will let everyone know when posted). Interviews will be week of March 30-April 3
  3. Submit to Dr. Bennefield a letter of recommendation from one member of your section and one professor/instructor NOT involved in bands (This year’s DM applicants can use the professor letter from that process). This can be e-mail, e-mail attachments, or actual letters.
  4. E-mail to Brent ( a link to both of your unlisted (NOT private) YouTube videos:
    1. Skill Video: performing the marching/playing routine posted below; AND
    2. Teaching Video: teaching another band member (or members) the position of attention, horns up, and a marching movement of your choice. Mark time CANNOT be the movement.
      It doesn’t have to be on a lined field…just somewhere that we can see good marching and good teaching. (Some of you are inexperienced at teaching…we just want to see your natural demeanor when teaching)

Video titles must use this format:

  • [Firstname] [Lastname] Skill Video
  • [Firstname] [Lastname] Teaching Video

Skill Video instructions:
Guard members should inquire with your Instructor.

MT 4
Forward 8 [8:5]8 counts of F
- (2 whole-notes, tied)
- 8 on a hand
- HH quarters
MT 4
Right Slide (Crab) [8:5]8 quarters on F
- legato tonguing
- 4 cts 16th notes @3", 4 cts 16th note crescendo to 12"
- CrCh on count 1
MT 4
Backwards 8 [8:5)8 quarters on F
- accented
- 2 cts triplet check,2 cts tap drags, 2 check, 2 tap fives
- TapCh on 1&3
MT 4
Left Slide (Crab) [16:5]8 cts staccato triplets on F
- short!
- 16 on left hand
- SizSuk 8th notes
MT 4
Forward 8, Backwards 8 [6:5]Quarters up and down F scale
- Firm Articulation
- Repeat top note
- 16 double stops
- Crash quarters

Leadership auditions will be held again in 2022!