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Frequently Asked Questions

 Membership in the Cougar Marching Band is open to all registered students at Washington State University regardless of the student's major field of study. Students can register or get more information about the Marching Band by contacting Don Hower at 509-335-4545 or by e-mail to howerde@wsu.edu. However, to perform in a Pep Band you MUST be a member of the Marching Band.

 Not at all. In fact, only 14% of the CMB consists of music majors.

 The Band has an OPEN admission policy - anyone with previous instrumental music experience is guaranteed a position in the Cougar Marching Band. There are no auditions determining enrollment with the exception of the Drumline. However, part placement auditions for incoming students occur on the day of registration on Sunday of Band Camp.

 (See the Band Camp Schedule here) New members (beginning at 1:00pm, with the first rehearsal at 7:00pm that evening) AND drumline (sign-in at 12:30, with first rehearsal at 1:00pm) begin band camp on Sunday, 8 days prior to the start of Fall Term classes, which is also the same day that the Residence Halls open. Returning horn members begin the day after, on Monday, 7 days prior to the start of classes. Rehearsals continue all day every day throughout the week before classes. All students intending to perform in the CMB should plan to attend the pre-season rehearsals.

 During a week without a Saturday game the band rehearses for five hours (eight for drumline members). During a week with a Saturday game the band rehearses for seven hours (ten for drumline). Game-day performances occupy roughly six hours. For a detailed description of weekly events, see A Typical Week.

 There is an annual fee of $25 to participate in the Cougar Marching Band. This money goes towards your T-shirt, baseball cap, flip-folder (sticks/cymbal pads if you are on the drumline), music and chart copying. All other band related costs, such as food and travel costs, are covered by the Cougar Marching Band.

 The Cougar Marching Band offers graduated stipends. First and second year members receive $250 stipends whereas third year and older members receive $350. Section leaders and drum majors receive an additional $250 stipend.

 Pep band members receive a $250 stipend for each pep band they are in. We have three pep bands: Women's Volleyball and Men's and Women's Basketball.

 No. You do fill out a time card to receive your stipend, but it does not count against your financial aid or work study.

 The Cougar Marching Band performs a new half-time show for each home game totaling 5 or 6 per season. We often repeat our best/favorite show for the Apple Cup or bowl games.

 Horn members use flip folders and lyres, however memorization is required for the Drumline. However, the entire band is pushed to memorize pep tunes such as those played during pregame.

 Rehearsals during the regular term are scheduled for Monday through Thursday from 5:45 to 7:00 p.m. There is also a short rehearsal from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Friday before home football games and a "run through" rehearsal on Saturday mornings before home games. The Drumline begins rehearsal promptly at 5:10 p.m. regardless of the day.

 Monday nights are usually inside Kimbrough Music Building in the concert hall for music rehearsal. Outdoor rehearsals take place in Martin Stadium. However, there may be a select few nights during the season when the band rehearses at Grimes Way Field.

 Please fill out an excused absence form found on the bulletin board outside the band office (Kimbrough 241). Your education comes before band.

 Yes; you are a student first. After making prior arrangements with your section leader you may arrive late or leave early as long as you do not disrupt rehearsal.

 During an average season the CMB generally has around 200 players, but has seen numbers as high as 250+.

 The CMB numbered 220 students in 2010 and is comprised of approximately 95% non-music majors. Virtually every major field of study at WSU is represented in the CMB.

 Students with legitimate problems, i.e., Greek Rush, Placement Tests, Advising will be excused from the Pre Season rehearsals that conflict with the above functions. “Family vacation” is not a legitimate excuse.

 Students are permitted to miss a rehearsal for classes or University sponsored activities. Students are also allowed to leave rehearsal early to attend a class or other University sponsored activity.

 The Music Department will furnish each Marching Band member with a locker to store their instruments in Kimbrough Music Building.

 Instruments are also available for students who do not own their instrument or who own an expensive instrument and do not want to take it outside.

 Besides home football games, the Cougar Marching Band may travel to Seattle, WA for Apple Cup and/or a game at CenturyLink. The CMB also performs at campus pep rallies and other selected functions. A schedule of all activities and obligations will be sent to all CMB members during the summer and can also be found here.

 The Marching Band also sponsors Pep Bands for Volleyball during the fall term and Women's and Men's Basketball in the winter. Members in each of these Bands also receive a stipend of $250.00. The stipend is awarded after Auditions. The Pep Bands do not travel to away games. However, 39 Band members do travel to the PAC-12 Tournaments and 29 members are allowed to travel to the NCAA Tournaments.

 Students can receive one hour of credit for their participation in the Cougar Marching Band by Registering register for MUS444 during the fall semester. Also, students can enroll in the Pep Bands (MUS 444) for one hour of credit during the spring term.

 Yes, but only for the first 6 weeks of spring semester. The Basketball Pep Bands rehearse on Tuesday nights from 5:45 to 7:00 p.m.

 One of the advantages of membership in the Marching Band is the friendships that are made with the other students. The Freshmen Band members will automatically have over 200 new friends before classes begin.

 The Marching Band Office is located in Kimbrough Music Building, Room 260G. The office of Director, Don Hower is located in Kimbrough, Room 243 and the Assistant Director/Drumline Instructor is in Kimbrough 242.

 Any questions about the Cougar Marching Band or any of the other musical organizations in the Music Department can be directed to Don Hower by calling (509)335-4545 or e-mailing “howerde@wsu.edu”. Also, for incoming freshman attending "Alive!" sessions: Don Hower, along with a couple of current band members will be available at each Orientation session, attending both the the "Academic Fair" on the 1st day as well as the Advising sessions on the 3rd day of each "Alive!" session.

School of Music and Theater Arts, PO Box 645300, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5300, 509-335-6472, Contact Us