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Cougar Marching Band

Marching Percussion at W.S.U.

 Choose from three performance groups: 

   WSUDL - Fall semester, marching band
   WSU Indoor and ZZUDrums - Spring semester

Fall Semester

 - WSUDL: Percussionists in the Cougar Marching Band perform at all home football games as well as various pep rallies, Alumni events, and a handful of catered dinners and small performances. Spots are filled via auditions held on Sunday and Monday of band camp - one week prior to the first day of classes. As the drumline meets from 5:10pm-7:00pm (this is different from the winds) Monday through Thursday during a non-home football week and includes Friday evenings on game weeks. On game days the line meets usually around 6:00am to eat some breakfast and warm-up before the full band rehearsal. All members must be enrolled in classes or work (25+ hrs/week) for the university.

Spring Semester

   - WSU Indoor: WSU Indoor is a performing group along the lines of a WGI Drumline (www.wgi.org). The addition of a front ensemble necessitates a reduction in the size of the battery. The battery spots are filled via auditions in mid- to late November or early December whereas the front ensemble spots are open to any who wish to participate. This group performs on the Spring Percussion Ensemble concert and may also travel to various high schools for both exhibition and recruiting purposes. WSU Indoor currently meets from 5:10pm-7:00pm Mondays and Wednesdays. All members must be enrolled in classes or work (30+ hrs/week) for the university.

   - ZZUDrums: ZZUDrums is a 'show-style' drumline (ala "Drumline" the movie) that performs at all WSU Basketball home games. This line is focused on show style drumming: very visual performances based on simple grooves generally based on modern popular music. ZZUDrums is a great place for drummers to learn a different drum than their normal instrument, but still may require some type of audition, depending on the number of interested individuals. ZZUDrums meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Kimbrough B-48 from 5:10pm-7:00pm. Members must also commit to 100% attendance for every basketball home game (schedule found here). Each member must also complete the fall season as a member of the WSUDL to be eligible for a spot on ZZUDrums. All members MUST be enrolled in classes or work (30+ hrs/week) for the university.

 Fall (WSUDL) Instrumentation:
Snares: As many as eight to ten players
Quints/Sixes: Three or four players
Bass Drums: Five or six players
Cymbals: As many as ten players
Front Ensemble: None

 Spring (WSU Indoor) Instrumentation:
Snares: Three to five players
Quints/Sixes: Two or three players
Bass Drums: Four or five players
Cymbals: Three or Four players
Front Ensemble: Varies. Includes mallet instruments, concert/auxilliary percussion, synth/keyboard, bass guitar, and possibly timpani

 Spring (ZZUDrums) Instrumentation:
Snares: Three to seven players
Quints/Sixes:  Three or four players
Bass Drums: Five to six players
Cymbals: Up to seven players
Front Ensemble: None


Audition Information

 The audition process for the fall drumline occurs Sunday and Monday of band camp, one week prior to the first day of classes. There is currently no individual audition. Auditions consist of members playing their instrument of choice during an ensemble rehearsal (or sectionals) while the instructor moves members around - between sections and within sections - to provide the best sound for the line and the best fit for the player.
 Things to know before you get to auditions:
- A GREAT attitude
- All 40 of the PAS Rudiments
- Knowledge of the "21st Century Hybrid Rudiments" is highly desirable
- Audition packet, posted here prior to camp.
- A GREAT attitude
- Sight reading skills - a new show is learned for each game
- Memorization skills – each show must be memorized
- A GREAT attitude
- Must be a team player
- All members must be enrolled in classes or working 30+ hrs/wk for the university.
- EVERYONE must learn the snare parts AS WELL AS the part that they want to play.
        (i.e. learn Cymbals and Snare parts, Bass and Snare, or Tenor and Snare.)


Additional Information / Registration

 For additional information and/or to join the prospective member mailing list, please send an email to drumline@wsu.edu

WSU Indoor Playlist:



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