Fueling Cougar Pride Through Music

Cougar Marching Band

The band council is elected at the end of each marching season by the members of the Cougar Marching Band. Each officer serves a term from band banquet to band banquet. The band council is used by the director as a sounding board for new ideas for the upcoming season. The band council also is responsible for presenting to ASWSU funding committees each spring. Due to the band council's success over the past four years, the Cougar Marching Band has received upwards of $500,000 in funds which are used to purchase new uniforms and instruments, provide game-day meals, and increase member stipends.



Eric Stoess, President

It is the responsibility of the president to organize the annual band banquet which occurs each spring semester following marching season. The president also has the honor of directing the school's alma mater "Washington, My Washington" at the conclusion of each football game.


Kenny Valenta, Vice President

It is the responsibility of the vice president to produce a slide show of the band's activities for the annual band banquet. If the president is ever absent, the vice president will cover the responsibilities of the president.


Jessica Dennison, Secretary

It is the responsibility of the secretary to take minutes at all band council meetings and organize all documents generated by the group. The secretary will also produce a band roster for the marching season and is in charge of calling any members who are not present during Saturday morning rehearsals.


Danielle Knight, Treasurer

It is the responsibility of the treasurer to collect the $25 band fee each fall. The treasurer keeps track of all transactions and is responsible for collecting delinquent funds.

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